So important to read for all fans of Korean Drama and K-pop

I saw many page in Facebook about Love Korea And it’s all about K-pop and Drama and for loving actor and singer. So many pages and so many fans you can’t imagine. And they said Korean culture so nice it’s not so much haram and they put singers photo and drama photo about man and women mix real problem is they praise them. It’s more dangerous cuz they think it’s not problem and not haram so much then they will not comeback. They trust them and learn from them. Watching drama and follow them. That is not our sunnah. Listen K-pop always and remember lyrics. It’s not our Quran! And then When listen quran its Boring and When listen hadith its look like Extream? Our drama is not like that? World is change? It’s not just words. So much Muslims so much even Arab country. I call it’s modern evil. It’s looks like soft and gentle and safe. But it’s make our Muslims weak and forget Allah! Now what we must do ? If you really love Korean people. Invite them to Islam. If you really love Islam and Allah subhanah wa ta’ala..Now time to wake up. Return to Allah before late. We will see many people comeback. Even our Muslims and all Korean people also ! We will see our dawah page will get much members more than K-pop page or drama page. Let’s invite them to here. Let’s put our page link in there. ( ) And say. If you really love Korea do dawah. It will save you and Korean people all. May Allah forgive us. And protect us from hell fire. And guide us to the right way. And make all Korean people become Muslim. Ameen. For us everything hard but we know Allah almighty the most High. He can do everything. And we worship Him and praise Him only.. Ya Allah please guide us save our Muslim Ummah.

Abdullah Dongshin Park

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